[OST] Bungou Stray Dogs

Thank the gods for Taku Iwasaki, once again, as he delivers the BUNGOU STRAY DOGS Original Soundtrack 01. It’s the good old Iwasaki compositions we know, this time with less emphasis on the electro and all the more emphasis on the woodwind players. The saxophone strongly leads us through this album and it’s the best decision they could have made for an ost like this.


The tracks that caught my attention the most in terms of new elements are:

  • Track #01 Good for Nothing performed by Lotus Juice who always brings across the Iwasaki atmosphere instantly since he’s usually making an appearance in his works in some way; by now Iwasaki without Lotus Juice just won’t feel right. It’s a rough staccato mix of saxophone and rap, a perfect way to start the album, an impact from the first note.
  • With track #12 Run, Atsushi! (čµ°ć‚Œę•¦!) we are back to Iwasaki’s beautiful string ensemble that I love so very much, quick-paced and dramatic in a sense.
  • Track #17 Leaping Wings is performed by the Kaze LaLa Choir and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard so far. The women’s graceful voices create such a soothing atmosphere and it’s something I didn’t expect to be in this series/on an ost like this. It has a completely Western touch and maybe that is why it fits in so well (because of the setting of BSD).
  • In #18 Eye of the Tiger, Lotus Juice performs once more. He is supported by rocking electronic guitar and synthesizer. This track uses a theme melody I can never get enough of, thus it easily became one of my favourite tracks.

I assume Iwasaki and his crew will also take it upon themselves to create the soundtrack for the second season of Bungou Stray Dogs in Fall Season 2016 and I’m already thrilled to hear more jazzy tunes from one of the Japanese masters of composition. In fact, I was even missing the one track that had become my favourite in a matter of seconds – the PV song. It also did play in the series itself so I’m certain it will be on the next ost. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but for now I’m just extremely grateful for these new compositions and will continue to indulge in their beauty.



2 thoughts on “[OST] Bungou Stray Dogs

  1. OH YES! Your highlighted tracks are also my favorite too, but with an addition of Ranpo’s theme song (Ranpo KItan?).
    And yes, the PV song was actually a very big reason why I was sold to the series (BEST DECISION EVER MADE BASED ON A SONG?). It had this choppy feel which suddenly plummeted into some quick-paced sax tunes with that sort of urgency–I believed the track has also been featured extensively in ep 7. There’s also this other song with striking gamelan-ish feel that played every time the situation seems to be in a UH-OH WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN mode (pardon my lackluster eloquence).
    I just really love Iwasaki Taku’s work!


    1. I understand you so well!!! And yes, I must agree, Ranpo’s theme song is also so good! I’ve found myself listening to the whole ost every day, it’s almost addicting. Iwasaki is a master at his work truly! I really hope we get the missing tracks in a new OST for S2, I guess that’s what they do a lot. But first of all we will get the mini character albums so that’s also something to look forward to, right? šŸ˜€ Thank you for your wonderful comment šŸ™‚


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