[Anime] Winter Season 2017/18 – Week 3+

And last but not least, here’s all the anime that I’ve looked at after Week 2.

Series Name: Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan 298034-1eq4f7skxvas

Studio:  J.C. Staff

First impression:  I adored the first season and I’m so grateful to have it back. The first episodes were already wonderful again and the cast has been expanded with a lot of great seiyuu. It’s going to be fun~

Halfway through: Saiki continues to be extremely fun with its diverse cast though I am also still curious when they will introduce some of the teased new cast. Either way I’m still overjoyed this show has gotten a second season.

Final thoughts:


Series Name: gd Men100527-htgmpedswiz2

Studio: Strawberry Meets Pictures

First impression: This show is…weird. But probably in the best ways. I can’t really tell yet. It breaks the forth wall more than anything I’ve seen before, half of it just seems to be freetalk in the seiyuu studio but for now it’s fun. But still a little…weird.

Halfway through: What started out as a little weird continues to be weird, I don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on some times and while I don’t think its necessarily bad it’s just a little too “free” and extremely confusing but I still think that’s the show’s aim.

Final thoughts:

100644-lpl2qzfxkpdxSeries Name: Nanatsu no Bitoku

Studio:  Bridge

First impression:  Unlike Nanatsu no Taizai it’s only three minutes short and does what an animated adaptation of erotic figurines does: provide fanservice. I liked the seven sins’ designs a lot more but I’ll give this one a go too because it’s short and kind of belongs to the other series. (So basically I’m here for completion’s sake.)

Halfway through: It’s definitely nothing special…but I knew what I was in for and I’m certainly not dropping it now. But there’s nothing much or new to say, really.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Fate/Extra Last Encore83621

Studio:  Shaft

First impression:  Shaft animation in Fate/Extra looks different and I can’t tell if I like it or not yet. Either way, it’s certainly exciting to have another Fate animation around, this time it will hopefully be better than Apocrypha which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Going back to a Fate/Stay alternate also brings back the cast everyone knows and loves (potentially) and I hope it will deliver just like its alternative versions did before.

Halfway through: I have now become used to the style completely and am enjoying the anime a lot though I do wonder which route they will go near the end and if that won’t mess a lot of things up about the plot. It certainly does feel a little rushed at times when it comes to character background, or at least that’s what Drake’s and Shinji’s arc felt like. But it does give enough input for me as the consumer not to be confused at least. As a fun fact, when the making of a Fate/Extra animation was announced I originally thought it was going to be a movie/a series of movies and kept thinking that until the series actually started and I still do belief that maybe movies would have worked better to tell this story but we will see how it will continue.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: B: The Beginning90469

Studio:  Production I.G




[Anime] Winter Season 2017/18 – Week 2

I did not include Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru and in this list because I already knew that I wouldn’t start it as soon season 2  was announced. I watched season 1 and it wasn’t half bad but I was not in need of more at this point. Neither will this list include the second season of Gin no Guardian and Hitori no Shita since I haven’t watched the first season. (I also didn’t start 25-sai no Joshikousei because I watched a similar show in fall and it just felt too repetitive and non-con most of the time so I didn’t want to risk it with this one.)

100784-c0wwysoouucbSeries Name: Gintama. Gin no Tamashii-hen

Studio: Sunrise

First impression: Of course, after watching all of Gintama I will not skip the final arc. However, I’m also reading the manga and this final arc is also the most frustrating one since it, too, suffers from the Shounen-Jump Syndrome of dragging on and on, often destroying the beautiful build-up of all its previous glory. It’s always good to have one of your favourite series animated but the previous Gintama anime (Porori-hen) had already lost its spark for me because it was all the arcs I didn’t enjoy as much in the manga already. But the Gintama anime is never scared to do things a little differently than it’s source material and I know that one way or another I will enjoy this last Gintama animation simply because it’s Gintama and is therefore very close to my heart.

Halfway through: The show has now covered some of the parts that I liked best in the manga and it was definitely good to see those animated (namely the parts with Katsura and Akira Ishida once again being the wonderful seiyuu he always is). And soon the part with Takasugi and Kamui will be animated too which I do look forward to a lot. Except that, it’s all fun and games and just as lengthy as in the manga so the anime can’t be blamed, instead it does adapt its source material really well and if the arc wasn’t still so fresh in my mind I’d probably pay even closer attention to what is happening on the screen.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Micchirin Neko100849-q7xvji0wmddj

Studio: helo.inc

First impression: I usually watch every short anime that comes out but this one is surprisingly funny when you have an elite seiyuu cast of Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Yuiichi Nakamura and Saori Hayami voicing a group of fluffy colourful kittens. It’s probably not intentional but this sort of absurdity makes the slife of life short a lot more enjoyable.

Halfway through: I don’t know what it is about this show but I love it so much? Nothing even happens, it’s just strange cat-like beings being strange-cat like beings and that’s enough. It’s just cute but in a very simple way that you can just turn your brain off for a couple of minutes and enjoy this cat slice of life and occasionally point out the elite seiyuu, of course. There’s nothing new to tell except that I want it to keep airing.

Final thoughts:

88330Series Name: Kokkoku

Studio: Geno Studio

First impression: It’s gloomy from the get-go which I really like and that opening -it’s beautiful! I don’t know anything about this show or its source material but for now it’s really interesting, especially the design for the supernatural horror.

Halfway through: Kokkou has some really interesting ideas, though they don’t always come through to me. During the first 5 episodes I was completely hooked and then in the following episodes I couldn’t quite follow and in between it started to drag on a little every now and then so I can’t make up my mind about it. It is rather serious, I give it that. Maybe on the same level of series that last season’s Inuyashiki was, combining real issues with supernatural elements which do make it intrigueing. But I still can’t wrap my head around what exactly is happening in Kokkou and alas I don’t find the characters particularly interesting (yet). Eventually they carry the show and I hope the more I find out about them the more I will enjoy the anime too. (The opening is still fantastic – definitely my favourite OP of Winter Season 17/18.)

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san99468-9ij1upsehsvx

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation

First impression: It’s a cute show and the animations of the characters’ expression are a lot of fun but I didn’t start it (for now) because it felt a little too slow to me and I don’t wanna end up with 50 anime again. (Unless there will be any of my favourite seiyuu in it later I will most likely not pick this series back up.)

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name:  Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku 2nd Season89222

Studio: Studio PuYUKAI

First impression: The first season was cute and I like the designs for the girls so nothing would make me not watch the second season.

Halfway through: It’s not as captivating as the first season but I’ll of course watch it till the end.

Final thoughts:



Series Name: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 89896

Studio: Wit Studio

First impression: Despite the premise that first sounds a little problematic it is actually a very cute show, judging from the first episode. The animation is beautiful, the style is adorable and I hope it will be the heart-warming anime that it seems to be after a first look.

Halfway through: I just can’t warm up to this show and I don’t even understand why? I’ve really started to like the overall setting and took a liking to the protagonist’s group of friends but I can imagine because I don’t really like Tachibana that much and most of the focus is obviously on her, I can’t properly get into the anime. I always seem to struggle with shoujo genre media and till now Koi wa Ameagari no You ni doesn’t seem to make me add it to the few shoujo anime I love. However, there’s a still a couple of episodes to go and I do wonder how they will end it (because the manga is supposedly over, or close to its final chapter, but the anime supposedly isn’t that far yet).

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Ryuuou no Oshigoto!99507-etgckhfip5yd

Studio: Project No. 9

First impression: I really want to like this show. I love the overall character designs and shogi as one of the main plot points. But episode 1 went into a direction I didn’t like, and way too fast at that. I’m afraid this show might base most of its comedy on lolicon-themed gags and hint too much at a romance between a grade-schooler and a high-school student. But maybe it will move away from that and be more of a general comedy show with a little bit of everything (which I’d appreciate…).  For that reason I will wait a little longer and see what this series will turn into.

Halfway through: After episode 3, I did drop it after all. Too much lolicon-bait for my taste, which is a shame.

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name: Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou99569-fev1giruhcle

Studio: Seven Arcs Pictures

First impression: It’s been a while since the first Basilisk aired and from what I remember it was a whole lot of fighting and tragedy with rather peculiar characters. The new season seems to more or less follow that tradition but I still enjoy the animation style a lot as it seems very unique to the Basilisk series and it could definitely become an enjoyable sequel.

Halfway through: I don’t know why I’m still watching this show, possibly in expecatancy of new characters I might like. But I can’t focus on the new Basilisk at all. Free me, season finale!

Final thoughts:

99476-eie3jbi9w1yaSeries Name: Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line

Studio: TMS Entertainment

First impression: Yowamushi Pedal is very special to me. It’s one of my favourite sports anime and while I still enjoyed the first generation more than the second one, I still love where the latter is taking us and what kind of input the new characters give us. The first episode went back on track right where Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation had left off and it felt like it had never stopped for a second.

Halfway through: It may not really be halfway because it’s a series that goes on after this season but I also don’t have much to say yet, I’m afraid. I do enjoy it but the fact that I can’t relate to the new characters as much as the old ones remains, regardless it has kept its Yowamushi spirit in the broadest sense.

Final thoughts:

99637-ljddg0pcwjrlSeries Name: Dame x Prince Anime Caravan

Studio: Studio Flad

First impression: I expected this to be another harem-mobage anime with bland characters but the first episode was surprisingly funny so I’m hoping they will stick with more comedy and less forgettable romance.

Halfway through: I’m glad the comedy aspects are still one of the main features of the Dame x Prince animation because it keeps my attention despite me not finding any of the characters particularly interesting. The protagonist saves the show with her sarcasm and straight-man act but I have no idea where this show wants to go with its story.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Violet Evergarden21827-xlo8r4tifrji

Studio: Kyoto Animation

First impression: Violet Evergarden was one of the most anticipated anime of the season -and for good reason. Kyoto Animation outdid itself with beautiful animation and the first episode looked just as good as the PV promised. The setting is intriguing and so are the characters. And since I’m #1 Takehito Koyasu thirster I’m of course overjoyed he has such a major role in this show, he sounded so good in episode 1 and I can’t wait for more Violet Evergarden!

Halfway through: Who would have thought, I still love the anime. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they don’t like it because “it doesn’t have plot”. But while I thought that about some of the previous KyoAni shows as well, I’m really enjoying Violet Evergarden because for me the healing process of Violet is a plot and of course that’s gonna look different from episode to episode, with her learning about emotions and a life in peace to eventually learning the truth about the loss of her loved one. That said, I don’t like Violet’s character at all but her story has a lot to tell and can be explored in depth. But that also brings me to the aspect I still miss, namely the other characters that aren’t meant for single episode appearances because I really adored all of those. But Violet’s colleagues and superiors are a thousand times more interesting to me as it stands because after Violet comes to terms with the death of her commander, there are more opportunities for the rest of the cast to come into play again! (please, KyoAni?) I hope they keep the good pacing and the emotional touch. (The episode with the wedding got me so invested which is amazing since I’m usually so tired of any straight-romance plot in anime/fiction in genral. So that surprised me in all the best ways, especially since the involved characters only appeared for one episode.)

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Märchen Mädchen99720-tv3xtp6qynaa

Studio: Hoods Entertainment

First impression: This show didn’t manage to captivate me at all with its first episode, therefore I didn’t start it.

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped



Series Name: Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Studio: Connect, Silver Link.97907-ygc4eou0wnqo1

First impression: From the opening alone I thought it might be another generic “spirited-away in an RPG”- show but quite on the contrary, I really enjoyed the first episode. The protagonists circumstances are a little different from what I’ve seen before and he takes a relatable approach to becoming familiar with his life in an RPG world. That said, it may still drift into a stereotypical, repetitive pattern we’ve already seen a million times so I’m hoping this show will give us something we haven’t seen before. Also, it may not have the best animation out there but the opening and ending are really well-paced.

Halfway through: I wish I still had the positive opinion of weeks ago. The show has turned into everything I feared it to be. A boring spirited-away adventure with forgettable characters and it’s honestly too bad. I’m still continuing it, getting more disappointed every week with all its predictability, but hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Hakyuu Houshin Engi99727-og6qpee9l5in

Studio: C-Station

First impression: I’ve never seen such an overly quick-paced anime episode. So many plot lines and characters were introduced, it was all just way too fast and messy and just all over the place. But I’ll probably keep on watching it because the seiyuu in it are really good but usually this first episode would have made me drop it immediately.

Halfway through: No, nevermind, I dropped it after episode 2. A girl needs to be reasonable at times.

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name: Takunomi.87252

Studio: Production IMS

First impression: Even though its only 12 minutes per episode this one didn’t manage to captivate me at all so one less on the list, I reckon.

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped


Series Name: Hakumei to Mikochi99748-g7x9g5ic4zfk

Studio: Lerche

First impression: The first episode was really cute ,though nothing outstanding, but more than anything is this show beautiful! The animation style and the colours set a wonderful mood and I hope the content will also continue to go along with that. It looks like it’s going to be a really soothing show.

Halfway through: I wanted to give it a try so bad but I ended up dropping it after all because the pace was so slow. Maybe I can watch it all in one go once its over or something.

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens99483-etkat4npcoqw1

Studio: Satelight

First impression: I absolutely hate the opening song and I don’t really like the animation either but the cast is just overwhelming with all its elite seiyuu and the plot doesn’t seem uninteresting either. I need to give this show a bit more time and even then I feel like I might just watch it till the end for the seiyuu.

Halfway through: This show probably does have a certain appeal but it just can’t keep my focus and I don’t even feel confident to rate it. The characters are interesting but my mind can never stay focused on what exactly is happening...

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Miira no Kaikata99390-fbrtkpdaokdi1

Studio: 8bit

First impression: This show is just so cute? I had no expectations whatsoever but I was corrupted by its cuteness. It’s very simple but the characters are charming and the mood is heart-warming.

Halfway through: The first half of this show was truly adorable, especially the interaction with the students and their otherworldy companions but now that all the characters have been introduced it has slowed down quite a lot even though that heart-warming atmosphere from before remains. A few backstories were introduced so that’s something new to work with.

Final thoughts:


Series Name: Beatless88290

Studio: Diomedea

First impression: To be honest, the first episode didn’t exactly get me hooked but I’m really interested in the overall setting so I’m just hoping after a few weeks Beatless will get really good.

Halfway through: I wasn’t strong enough and dropped it.

Final thoughts: dropped


99539-bkfuqkhbtserSeries Name: Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu

Studio: A-1 Pictures

First impression: I’ve missed Nanatsu no Taizai and it’s good to have the anime back for another season. Despite this first episode feeling a little rushed I am eager to see this particular arc animated!

Halfway through: I can’t say that much yet because, frankly, it’s just like the other season but that good, right?! I really enjoyed the small Ban arc and I’m looking forward to see more of the plot animated.

Final thoughts:


98389-xdrfldqwu2i9Series Name: Killing Bites


First impression: I more or less knew the manga and the overall plot before and I would usually decide against watching this show but my seiyuu bias for Rikiya Koyama is keeping me there and I really hope I will not regret it. I don’t think the whole hybrid setting is a bad idea but just the way some plot points are portrayed and what motivates some of the characters is not really something I’d enjoy watching but well..

Halfway through: It is as I thought, I don’t particularly enjoy watching it. Why did I not drop it then? That’s a question I cannot answer myself. For completion’s sake, mos likely. And because of Koyama’s potential speaking parts.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Dagashi Kashi 299734-21qxfb3txkan

Studio: Tezuka Productions

First impression: I told myself I wouldn’t watch the second season but then I remembered Keiji Fujiwara  and Tatsuhisa Suzuki will be in it (again) and I was sold in a millisecond. The first season was alright but the episodes felt a little too long so maybe now with only half the airing time per episode I will enjoy it a little more. (At least I will enjoy the voice acting so there’s already something keeping me.)

Halfway through: It is more fun that I expected it to be but I’m still in there for Kokonotsu’s father and Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s character whose name I’ve forgotten and both don’t appear as often as I’d like too but that’s ok.

Final thoughts:

[Anime] Winter Season 2017/18 – Week 1

I haven’t been very consistent with running this blog (once again) but I will try to come here more often again. And what better opportunity for this is there than season anime – something I’ve been keeping up to date with for many years now (may it be voluntary or just some sort of weird compulsion by this point www). I figured a good way to go about this will be to put my first impression of the show and then return to it at half-time and eventually the final episode. Here’s to a hopefully enjoyable winter season~ (find part 2 + 3 here)

Series Name: Idolish 787495-j5gejfnu4wqi

Studio: TROYCA

First impression: To be honest, I’ve been feeling rather tired of idol shows to a point they actually physically exhaust me because they all seem relatively identical and therefore I didn’t watch any of the many idol series in Fall season 2017. But the first 2 episodes already aired in fall as well and I’ve started watching it for my friends’ sake. Ages ago I tried the game too but it wasn’t for me and while  the characters are all likeable I don’t expect to love this anime. However, that will make it only easier for this anime to surprise me with good content.

Halfway through: It’s a mystery why I’m still sticking with this show. As I already said before, it’s pretty much like every other idol anime and the fact that I don’t have a particular favourite I can stick to makes it hard to get through this. It’s not a bad show, the CG animation can look good enough at times too, but nothing has been able to surprise me in any way to make this different from the pile of other idol experiences. But now that I’m already through half of the show my compulsive anime-watching behaviour forbids me to drop it.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Sora yori mo Tooi Basho99426-ovbepmvlxdad

Studio: Madhouse

First impression: It feels like a show that could offer something new while being very relaxing and cute. I will have to give it a little more time though…

Halfway through: Turns out I dropped the show rather fast…alas.

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name: Overlord II98437-sbumkh30ff0m

Studio: Madhouse

First impression: I could barely wait for season 2 of Overlord and episode 1 was already so good again, I’m overjoyed to have it back, ’nuff said. Despite the long wait it connects well with where season 1 left off.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts: 


Series Name: Yuru Camp△98444-8c1bzgc2b2sv

Studio: C-Station

First impression: The character designs were cute but the show was already too slow for me at episode 1 so I didn’t even start it.

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped


98529-ewzwzkgnau8bSeries Name: Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

Studio: Studio Gokumi

First impression: I really enjoy the animation and the quirky characters who go with matching colour schemes. The main girl is hilarious and the determined crush she has on Koizumi makes me incredibly happy.

Halfway through: I enjoy this show too much for reasons I cannot quite pinpoint yet. It isn’t too slow but gets across it’s casual, slife-of-life momentum in just the right way to me. The food portrayed always makes me crave for a bowl of ramen myself and the protagonist is growing on me more and more. The things that make me chuckle mostly happen during scenes of situational humour which is just enough for an anime like this. I’m looking forward to get to know more about the other characters that were shown in the opening but haven’t appeared properly yet.

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Devilman Crybaby98460-wtidxsfzrhfv

Studio: Science SARU

First impression: The first episode at one point gave me goosebumps because the atmosphere was so good – terrifying and thrilling at once. The old Devilman was graphic in a more ‘realistic’ style but this Devilman is graphic in a more or less psychedelic way which I find really interesting, though I’m not sure if the style will remain authentic enough till the end. It is also really fast-paced which I can’t decide on being  a good or a bad thing yet. The characters look very well adapted to this new version and I’m keen to keep on watching, especially since the entire season was released on Netflix at once.

Halfway through: I cannot stop watching this series, it has me hooked! It’s different and really enjoyable with a truly outstanding cast (so far I’ve heard the Japanese only) and the music is catchy, almost too happy at times for the gruesome scenes that go along with it but I feel like that is what makes them harmonise. What I also really love is the whole black vs. white imagery in Amon and Ryô which is also foreshadowing what they may stand for or what they may choose to contrast. Also by this point I absolutely adore the opening, with every new episode I grow to love it even more.

Screenshot (3032).png

Final thoughts: Eventually I watched the entire show in one sitting because it was just so captivating and I couldn’t even pinpoint what exactly that special something was. Maybe the fact that this anime was consistent with portraying cruelty, not only in the aspect of violence which is more or less a trademark of the series, but also in how there is no going back for major characters. It’s psychedelic and surreal on so many levels and chooses to parodise real life parallels. It’s heart-warming and at the same time downright depressing but I was always glad this show went “all the way” with the decisions it wanted to make. The only thing that bothered me was that it did feel a little rushed at times, and that wasn’t due to it’s quicker pacing. All in all, everything made sense but some characters changed a little too quickly in their motivation (mostly Ryô) for my taste and I would have loved two more episodes. But that said, the very last scene felt like a perfect clear-cut ending for Devilman Crybaby because it was neither romanticised nor dragged on, it was just over abruptly, without any more explanations, and it feels like it sums up the tragedy of Devilman very well. 9/10

Series Name: Grancrest Senki97768-1uokzqsabask

Studio: A-1 Pictures

First impression: The general premise doesn’t seem particularly new or special and the leading characters didn’t really catch my interst yet but I really liked the opening scene with the demon and I know Satoshi Hino will appear in it. Furthermore, I spotted some characters in the opening that could be interesting and I’m only hoping this will not only be another forgettable fantasy adventure but offer a twist of some kind.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Ito Junji: Collection99940-pxslisvhi0sj

Studio: Studio Deen

First impression: The opening is great! About the rest I’m not so sure. I’ll give it another try with episode 2 but at this point I feel like I might not watch it.

Halfway through: I started to really enjoy Ito Junji Collection but it has that issue that some episodes are fantastic and some episodes are only average because naturally it’s a collection of many of Ito’s stories. Nevertheless there is always the anticipation how next episode will turn out. When I say “average” i also don’t mean that they are necessarily bad but that they just aren’t scary. But maybe not all stories are meant to be frightening, after all. They certainly all bring across that eery feeling due to the extraordinary style and even though sometimes the stories feel like they are cut short every now and then, it’s one of the shows I look forward to every week.

Final thoughts:


Series Name: Toji no Miko98747-hb9210l6mdmo

Studio: Studio Gokumi

First impression: Unfortunately the first episode didn’t manage to keep my attention at all so I immediately dropped it. Maybe it was just too slow of a start for me or the characters and setting seemed too generic. (And there is no seiyuu bias to keep me in either.)

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped

Series Name: Hataraku Onii-san!88930

Studio: Tomovies

First impression: It has a wonderful cast, it’s short and likeable so I have no reason to not give it a try. Also Sugita Tomokazu’s appearance made me laugh.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:


Series Name: Citrus97832-xpmllgfulgjw

Studio: Passione

First impression: I’ve been reading the manga for a while now and as a matter of fact, I had to start it simply to see it adapted. Also I feel obligated to watch every shoujo-ai anime there is out there simply because there really isn’t much. I’ve had some issues with the manga and they will certainly resurface in the anime (I could already confirm that in episode 1 which felt a little more intense than the manga did). But I still do read and enjoy the series too so I’ll start this anime hoping only for the best to come of it.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Sanrio Danshi98217-dwbr4bvaa65o

Studio: Studio Pierrot

First impression: I had absolutely no idea what to expect of this anime and the first episode really did surprise me in all the best ways. The characters seem likeable so far and the overall idea seems cute. Of course, there is a little fanservice here and there but it’s not distracting from the main plot if you’re not obssessing over it and the sudden dark and really emotional moments were really well done so I’m expecting a well-balanced slice of life comedy with a little bit of good angst.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Poputepipikku98549-xflyphrp5ors

Studio: Kamikaze Douga

First impression: This show is everything I needed and more. I’m having so much fun with this!

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:



Series Name: Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion The Animation100620-tnsulqjfyvxz

Studio: Oriental Light and Magic

First impression: I’m willing to give this show a little more time to convince me because it has a good seiyuu cast and often children’s shows turn out surprisingly fun.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:



Series Name: Slow Start98693-3peuz4tmiikp

Studio: A-1 Pictures

First impression: To be honest, it’s a show I usually wouldn’t have started but I am willing to give it a chance so I will wait for the second episode.

Halfway through: My interest for the show and its characters quickly faded away, it really was a tad too slow for me in the end. I liked the overall setting but maybe the character design was also a little too loli for my taste; thus I dropped the show around episode 3 or 4.

Final thoughts: dropped



Series Name: Gakuen Babysitters98503-40pd64fik2jf

Studio: Brain’s Base

First impression: I didn’t expect the first episode of this anime to be filled with so much serious content! I didn’t know anything about Gakuen Babysitters beforehand but the background story of the protagonist was actually really sad, I didn’t see that coming. I’m planning to watch more of this show, at least it’s something new. I will probably focus more on the teenage characters than the toddlers but let’s hope the high amount of children won’t make this show annoying.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen97881-ypfo5dwniykg

Studio: Madhouse

First impression: Cardcaptor Sakura was one of my first shows I watched as a child and then I rewatched it as an adult. It holds up so well. And now the Clear Card Arc looks just as promising. The fact that they kept the old OST makes me particularly emotional, but also just having all the old characters back with their original seiyuu and the way the style is kept close to the old anime. I am excited for 21 more episodes of nostalgic emotion and new thrill.

Halfway through:

Final thoughts:

Series Name: Mitsuboshi Colors98439-mpfoliyeydif

Studio: Silver Link.

First impression: It’s weird how this season there’s quite a few slice of life shows with little girls I started but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. I could barely focus on episode 1 so I’ll drop this one.

Halfway through: dropped

Final thoughts: dropped



Anime Fall 2016 – Favourites

To me it felt like finally fall season was a strong quarter of new anime again! It seemed like it was relatively balanced regarding different genres and to some extent a couple of new seiyuu were able to make their debut. I will list the shows that I’ve enjoyed the most this fall. That said, I’m not including DAYS since it’s basically a summer leftover but I enjoy it so very much nevertheless, therefore I must lose a few words on it before I get started.

I usually get invested in every sports anime there is, somehow they always seem to be able to  get me at least a little bit captivated. Of course, there are those I enjoy more than others but in general, I’m always happy to see a new kind of sports adapted in anime. The fall season did offer not only one but six!! new sports anime and nevertheless the one I’m enjoying the most is still DAYS from the previous season. I believe what draws me in with this series is not necessarily the football maneuvres but rather the interesting characters and how their relationships in- and outsidescreenshot-1348 the team develop and change. Surely DAYS doesn’t re-invent anything we haven’t seen before, but the character designs are interesting – not too flashy and not overly realistic either. The 24 episodes merely guided us through the protagonists journey from the starting line to the first serious tournament that puts their team on the line, particularly the third-year members for which this is their last chance to rise to the top. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to read the manga yet so I will excitedely dependen on the sequel for now.

Now that I’ve expressed my love for DAYS, my favourite anime series of this season do follow: Continue reading “Anime Fall 2016 – Favourites”

[Koyasu Road] Tabiusagi-san

Not too long ago I approached an animated show for children that already aired 9 years ago: Happy Happy Clover. It’s a very straightforward slice of life story about the every day adventures of the bunny girl Chima and her friends in Crescent Moon Forest. Of course, my main motivation to watch Happy Happy Clover was strongly influenced by the fact that Koyasu voices a character in it. It is a bunny called Tabiusagi-san (which literally translates to “traveling bunny”, but I read that his localised English name was in fact Rambler).


A his name suggests, Tabiusagi-san travels many different places and when he comes by Crescent Moon Forest the animals always ask him to tell them all about his wonderous adventures. He does have a healthy amount of self-confidence on him and appears to be much older than Chima and her friends, but nevertheless he’s still just a bunny and therefore really cute most of the time. Especially his voice is cute, Koyasu did a wonderful job of portraying this character headstrong and charming and at the same time perfectly adorable and calm, regarding his tone. There was a scene when Chima, who has a crush on him, comes to wake him up  in order to challenge him to a race and he’s just so annoyed because he wants to sleep a little longer. That might have been one of my favourite moments because cutesy and pouty Koyasu is something I absolutely adore but don’t get to hear that often compared to other voices he does.

Happy Happy Clover itself isn’t particularly good, nor is it completely bad. It’s leightweight entertainment with a good cast and decent character designs but if not for my bias, I propably wouldn’t have watched all 13 episodes. Interestingly enough there were some pretty sad topics too, e.g. how Tabiusagi-san mentions he doesn’t have a home because his forest was burnt down by humans, together with his parents. That’s rather harsh, is it not? Obviously they didn’t elaborate on this very much because of the audience it’s directed at. Tabiusagi-san must have suffered a lot in the past, although he seems fine in the series. I keep wondering if the directors had something deeper planned for the plot or if they just needed some tragic background story. Another thing that pleasently surprised me was how Tatsuhisa Suzuki was voicing the prankster fox named Charaku. Tatsun was the last person I’d expect to show up in this anime but naturally he, too, did a great job at portraying his character. In general, this show was really interesting in regard of hearing a handful of seiyuu with slightly younger voices and a range different from their usual one.



[season] Amaama to Inazuma 1

Shin-Ei Animation’s adaptation Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning) based on Gido Amagakure’s manga of the same title has started airing and the first episode was absolutely beautiful. The viewer is given a proper introduction of the characters and the setting. It’s been six months since teacher Kouhei Inuzuka’s wife has died. He is now taking care of their daughter Tsumugi by himself, but he’s not very good at cooking. Therefore the two of them have mostly been having boxed lunches for every meal. Despite the loss of his beloved, Kouhei seems to get by alright, Tsumugi apparently doesn’t seem to realize her mother has died. Or rather she is still too young to grasp what has happened. Probably her dad told her that her mother went on a trip to make her absence easier to understand, since near the end of the episode Tsumugi says “when mum comes back home”or “send mum a letter”.

Screenshot (410)

Kouhei and Tsumugi go to a cherry blossom viewing where they meet a girl crying under a tree. The girl’s name is Kotori Iida, as we find out later, and her mother owns a restaurant of which the girl hands them a card. As the days go by, Tsumugi grows more and more tired of the same boxed lunch every day so Kouhei decides to take his daughter out to have some “good food” for a change. When they arrive at the restaurant of Kotori’s mother, they find out the woman herself isn’t actually there so Kotori tries her best to prepare some rice for them. As they eat the rice together, not only Kotori but also Kouhei become emotional and decide to cook and dine together from now on…

For a slice of life show, it has a perfect pacing, it’s not too fast or too slow, the first characters were established but not too much was given away yet, making the viewer curious for more. At least that’s what I can say for episode 1. The opening is adorable, creative and fits the show really well, and so does the ending. And of course, the cast is full of elite seiyuu. So far we’ve heard Yuuichi Nakamura as Kouhei who aces at portraying a loving and caring father and Saori Hayami as Kotori. Tsumugi is voiced by Rina Endou who is still a child and relatively new in the business but she is doing really well and her voice is adorable.

Screenshot (417)

I’m eager to find out more about the feelings of loneliness Kotori has in connection with her mother, watch Kouhei trying to master cooking to make Tsumugi happy and meet new characters.. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode!


[DRRR] Izaya’s second character song

The DuRaRaRa!!x2 Ketsu Bonus CD Vol.5 features Izaya and his brand-new character song and I cannot believe he is the one that gets to cover 勝手にしやがれ (Do as you please) by Kenji Sawada!! The DRRR team is a clever bunch, they knew exactly what they were doing when they were assigning this song to Izaya. It’s about breaking up, about being left behind and loneliness. And the cover just adds up perfectly. :’)


To be fair, the whole song could strongly match Shizuo and Izaya regarding how we may or may not look at their relationship, but one thing becomes obvious either way: the hinting at their last battle especially with the lines


Saying “goodbye” may be somewhat of a killjoy
so maybe I’ll just send you off with a “later

which clearly point out the parallel to the /sayounara-abayo/ moment in the series when Shizuo officially bids Izaya goodbye in order to finish him off for good. Izaya can’t properly deal with how even Shizuo is evolving and abandoning him, the one archenemy he always had is now lost to him too. The paradox “Shizuo-complex” , to quote Simon again, like so many times before.

/愛というのに照れてただけだよ/ “it was just that I was a little embarrassed of this thing called love” Simply put, this is exactly what Izaya might feel like and what his main problem is, as Shinra once pointed out. He’s afraid and unable to overtly and genuinely show affection towards someone so that he can protect his heart from getting hurt in any way. But ironically that is what hurts him the most in the end.

Do as you please becomes twice as sad when you apply the song lyrics to Izaya because he’s that sad individual who can’t break out of his vicious circle of loneliness. Sawada might have referred to being left by a beloved, for the information broker it gets so many more meanings… “looks like you’re leaving me after all” Does he mean Shizuo who he has become attached to against his will? Does he refer to his family? Or the life in Ikebukuro he must leave behind? Celty’s head and what is connected to it?

I’m not going into detail about all the lyrics even though they give a lot of insight and are beautiful but I just wanted to point out how glad I am that they chose this song for Izaya but I’m also upset because please, just let me rest from the pain (jk never stop the angst)! Maybe I’ll find some time to talk about the complete lyrics and my Izaya related interpretations some time soon…


[OST] Bungou Stray Dogs

Thank the gods for Taku Iwasaki, once again, as he delivers the BUNGOU STRAY DOGS Original Soundtrack 01. It’s the good old Iwasaki compositions we know, this time with less emphasis on the electro and all the more emphasis on the woodwind players. The saxophone strongly leads us through this album and it’s the best decision they could have made for an ost like this.


The tracks that caught my attention the most in terms of new elements are:

  • Track #01 Good for Nothing performed by Lotus Juice who always brings across the Iwasaki atmosphere instantly since he’s usually making an appearance in his works in some way; by now Iwasaki without Lotus Juice just won’t feel right. It’s a rough staccato mix of saxophone and rap, a perfect way to start the album, an impact from the first note.
  • With track #12 Run, Atsushi! (走れ敦!) we are back to Iwasaki’s beautiful string ensemble that I love so very much, quick-paced and dramatic in a sense.
  • Track #17 Leaping Wings is performed by the Kaze LaLa Choir and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard so far. The women’s graceful voices create such a soothing atmosphere and it’s something I didn’t expect to be in this series/on an ost like this. It has a completely Western touch and maybe that is why it fits in so well (because of the setting of BSD).
  • In #18 Eye of the Tiger, Lotus Juice performs once more. He is supported by rocking electronic guitar and synthesizer. This track uses a theme melody I can never get enough of, thus it easily became one of my favourite tracks.

I assume Iwasaki and his crew will also take it upon themselves to create the soundtrack for the second season of Bungou Stray Dogs in Fall Season 2016 and I’m already thrilled to hear more jazzy tunes from one of the Japanese masters of composition. In fact, I was even missing the one track that had become my favourite in a matter of seconds – the PV song. It also did play in the series itself so I’m certain it will be on the next ost. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but for now I’m just extremely grateful for these new compositions and will continue to indulge in their beauty.


[Koyasu Road] Kapaeru

Takehito Koyasu, the seiyuu ruling over my heart. Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, for Koyasu the show must go on and I’m willing dig into all of his work. Here I will list my impressions.

This time I’ll comment on Kapaeru from Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera.


Kapaeru, like his name and appearance suggest, is a Kappa youkai who works as an informant. Like most of the male characters in the most recent adaptation of Dororon Enma-kun, Kapaeru is a rather lecherous individual that happily joins in when it’s about chasing skirts. In the 2011 anime he is reduced to the role of the team’s mascot character and comedic relief, but when he does appear he does his job well. As much as I adore Koyasu’s deep voice, his comedic voice acting is fantastic as well and just stresses his amazing range. And although he is matching the pitch according to the humour of the situation, for Kapaeru he mostly uses his high cutesy voice with a Kansai dialect. Recently he hasn’t taken too many roles with higher, more child-like voices, so in Dororon Enma-kun it’s always a comedic delight to listen to him. In episode 7 there is a scene where Yukihime and Kapaeru are ice skating but then he gets slapped away by a youkai. He flies away shouting “Triple axel~!” in a graceful, defeated voice but in the next scene he suddenly comes back, completely pissed off, asking who kicked him in the face and the sudden shift from his cute to his angry voice à la Bobobo made me laugh so hard-I will be forever grateful for that moment.

With the rest of the cast he also produced the hilarious character song album “Showa Hit Studio” that partly served as the anime’s background music. In the trio song “Enma’s real, real hard work” with Kappei Yamaguchi and Minoru Inaba he sings in his Kapaeru voice while in his solo song “Affair” he switches back to his deeper voice he often used when performing songs like “Sora no Soko” (Weiß Kreuz). The contrast is hilarious and especially when regarding the fact that Kapaeru is supposed to sing the song, the whole situation becomes twice as overdramatic. If Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera is a good anime or not is another question I won’t get invested in today but the Koyasu audio material we got from the series was definitely something I’m not complaining about.


[Koyasu Road] Koumei

Takehito Koyasu , the seiyuu that has gradually become my favourite seiyuu. I can be lured into watching anything with him in it just so that I may be able to hear one line of his beautiful voice, ranging from hentai to shoujo genre and whatever else is out there. Here I will list my impressions.

This time I will talk about Koumei Shoukatsuryou from Koutetsu Sangokushi.


He is the protagonist’s master and from the first second you see him you know, he’s either the bad guy or at least has some evil intentions. But the only one who doesn’t seem to notice that is his disciple Rikuson who greatly looks up to him. And if Koumei isn’t the target of jealousy or loathing from the enemy empire he is like the almighty item in this anime. Everybody wants to gain his respect, serve him or belong to him. He is also so powerful that most characters make him out to be untouchable/invincible. With his graceful appearance he easily fools the people around him, hiding his scheming nature. He just really enjoys toying with people apparently. Everybody wants Koumei, but he doesn’t accept anyone (except his disciple in the end for whom he becomes “the darkness” but Rikuson still decides to sacrifice his life for his master; that’s true love for you). The voice pitch Koyasu chose for Koumei is the one I usually call his “calm bishounen voice“, it stays deep and in control, doesn’t really range much, maybe gets a little flirtatious every now and then and is usually used by him when voicing beautiful, androgynous men. It fit Koumei a lot because his character was truly always in control of the situation and seemed to know what the outcome would be like at all times. I liked Koumei because of his sly nature and was glad that he didn’t die at the end. The way he makes everyone gay for him is outstanding and yes, that Koyasu voice was music to my ears…!