Kami’s Mass Effect experience Pt. 2

A Spectre reborn to save the galaxy.
Mass Effect 2 introduced many changes in controls and design. No more unlimited ammunition and a slightly different cover system. The font was smaller than ever before and even though I wear glasses I had to sit really close to the TV (but it was a very small TV so maybe that also added to it). The map’s usefulness had drastically decreased and never was any help to me in any situation. The loading screens looked more impressive but also lasted a lot longer. These things weren’t much to my liking when I started playing but in the course of the game I actually got used to it very quickly. Especially running in ME2 worked and looked better much better..

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Kami’s Mass Effect experience Pt. 1

One Spectre to save the galaxy.
When Mass Effect 3 was released in 2012 I had started to ask myself why I hadn’t played even one of those games till that point. It had always been on my mind to pick up the series and that year I finally started to dive into the Mass Effect Milky Way and start my journey. This is an old log of my gaming experiences in 2012:
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